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The Natural Gardener commits to growing a healthy weed-free lawn by maximizing the seeding, fertilizing and aerating processes. The Natural Gardener will revitalize your old lawn by over-seeding and spray-seeding.

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The Natural Gardener Hydroseeding techniques use lower water resources, less fuel to transport and is the fraction the cost of SOD.

Our Customers

"I just wanted to let you guys know, my neighbor put a card in my mailbox stating, she watched you guys do my lawn and it was the best job she has ever seen and wanted me to know. Thank you and wanted to pass along".

Silvia M Kirkfield ave

"I'm so glad you guys look after my lawn".

Francis, Belvidere ave

" I never seen such great results!!" "Super job!"

Vito S

" My lawn looks awesome!"

Mike H. Leila ave.

"That's great! I'm going to get all my neighbors to use your service"

Mike S Bartlett ave.

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What Makes Us Different

No Job Too Small

We have equipment for both small and large jobs.

Insured & Licensed

Please know we are fully insured and licensed.

Low environmental impact

The Natural Gardener use products that require, lower water resources, less fuel to transport and natural weed treatments.

Cost Savings

Did you know that spray seeding is a fraction of the cost of sodding?

Seed Selection

The Natural Gardener will select the appropriate seed for local and residential lawn conditions such as full sun, full shade, mixed sun/shade, low water and damp lawns.

Innovative Technology

We are committed to the latest technology and practices.

Our Promise To You

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, The Natural Gardener will ensure every customer is a HAPPY customer!